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remittee: ComDo-Berlin e.V.
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A warm welcome

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone was 1991 to 2002 in the civil war. Tens of thousands of people fell victim to this. Including thousands of children were used as soldiers. When the war officially ended in 2002, he left a traumatized population, who increasingly impoverished. Today's youth of Sierra Leone - known as the "lost youth" - was born into this war, uprooted or survivors. The majority of these young people have no future prospects. With projects like ours, we try to get the kids off the streets to create a sound environment as well as access to education and training. We also try to take in street children in appropriate foster homes and there to accommodate. These families are also supported by us.
Delivering Help!
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We recently started our project. There is a lot of work ahead of us - as much more we appreciate any support. If you also want to help therefore, please contact the charity organisation ComDo-Berlin e.V. We are convinced that investing in these youth at the same time is an investment in the future of Sierra Leone.